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Winder Leszek - english summary

He is most significantly known as guitarist for the Polish rock supergroup Krzak.

He has also been involved in co-operation with bands like Dzem, Skibinski-Winder Super Sessions, Bezdomne Psy (Homeless Dogs) and Slaska Grupa Bluesowa (Silesian Blues Group).

He is great blues-jazzy-progressive-flavoured rock guitar player.

His recent projects are Krzak (from 1975 till eternity!), Slaska Grupa Bluesowa with Jan Kyks Skrzek (polish Tom Waits) and Guitar Masters Band with Grzegorz Kapolka.

Full discography you can find under "LP & CD" link above.

You can hear some of songs (whole songs, not 30-seconds-long examples) under "mp3" link

You can see Winder in action in some live video recordings ("pictures" link) and on Youtube:

Krzak - Live In Waltrop (summary)
Krzak - Ontario / Czaku¶ (Hołdys Guru Limited)
¦l±ska Grupa Bluesowa / Jan Kyks Skrzek - Bo takie s± dziewczyny (videoclip)